Fronted by Bay Area Metal Legend Dan Bryant (aka Rock N’ Roll Ragnar), The Road Vikings are one hard-scrabbling, indestructible metal bunch. Initially plagued by formidable better-than-fiction personnel issues (think Spinal Tap meets the California Department of Corrections), things finally began to gel in 2014 for the metal underdogs. After searching through piles of drummers and guitarists, each one crazier than the last, the current lineup finally gelled, featuring hard-hitting Dave Dabhammer on drums, Lisa Lightning and Thunder on bass, and most recently, Davey ‘The Whiz Kid’ Zahalla on guitar. The Road Vikings’ sophomore recording, Requiem of an Outlaw Biker, was released to rave reviews with noted knob twirler Tim Narducci at the production helm. Recent runaway video game success began in 2018 which featured “The Ballad of Clutch Nixon” in Ubisoft’s best-selling and highly acclaimed video game Far Cry 5, with subsequent inclusion (by fan demand) in Rocksmith 2018, the esteemed guitar instructional platform. The Road Vikings are currently in development with Ubisoft on a new game interface for more advanced players based on the Rocksmith tradition. In addition, the recording momentum continues with esteemed LA musical giant Matt Starr (Mr. Big, Ace Frehley, Joe Lynn Turner/Rainbow) and work on the upcoming 5-song EP, Viking Queen, slated for release in early 2020. Grab your heavy metal armor and climb aboard!

​Rock N’ Roll Ragnar: Lead Vocals / Lead Guitar / Harmonica
Davey Zalhalla (D1): Guitar
Lisa Lightning And Thunder: Bass / Vocals
Dabhammer (D2): Drums

Press Clippings

PRESS for the album “Requiem of an Outlaw Biker”:

“These guys have a helluva lot of promise with this stunning sophomore album. Mastermind Dan Bryant can play just as well as he can sing, and several of these cuts explode with frantic fretwork that is downright astounding and simply majestic. The Road Vikings are something that the world of rock and metal needs to keep its eyes firmly glued on. There’s a hard rock semblance here, delivered with enough bite to matter. Seriously, these guys have got it and someone just needs to take note of that.” – THE GRIM TOWER

“The Road Vikings are the epitome of old badass metal: glorified guitars, incredible riffs and solos, interesting song writing, precise bass mechanics, and unbelievable vocals. The Road Vikings take classic Viking history and convert it into a sonic feast. Simply brilliant, neoclassical metal.” – METAL TEMPLE

“The Road Vikings bring the tradition of 80s-bred bands like Dio, Manowar and Iron Maiden galloping across your skull. With vocals that push the metal limit, intricate guitar solos that feature magical string tapping and highly skilled songwriting far superior to the new ilk wearing old hats, The Road Vikings are a biker’s delight of old-school hard rock fused with metal.” – METAL UNDERGROUND

“A brilliant album – bikers and Vikings all rolled into one with shredding guitars and a song about Evel Knievel. What more do you want? ‘Full Moon’ is as cunning and mischievous as Loki on a mission – a killer chorus made for the stage chant, complete with the killer axe out. Excellent songs that make you want to party, get a beer and talk crap till you collapse in a stupor.” – DEVIL’S GATE MEDIA

“With great music and fantastic vocals, The Road Vikings have the talent and skills to take a giant leap across the metal globe. A perfect slab of metal with vocals reminiscent of Dio meets Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens that harks back to the early days of Cirith Ungol. Influenced by Judas Priest, Accept and Black Sabbath, The Road Vikings offer a broad band of metal done expertly with great hook lines and catchy songwriting.” – METAL INJECTION

“The Road Vikings’ Requiem of an Outlaw Biker is the second coming of Manowar, but modern, heavier and dripping with biker imagery. The fast, energetic sound grabs the listener by the balls and doesn’t let go for a full 10 songs.” – METAL ADDICTS

“The Road Vikings have a modern but classic metal sound with rich riffs and a focus on melodies. The title track is a work of art in itself, an example of what Zakk Wylde could do if he wore a beard and represented the old metal guard. Sophisticated songwriting and outstanding performances make this album timeless.” – MUSIKREVIEWS

“With excellent vocals, great guitar riffs and superb arrangements, the songs are super-catchy and grab your attention from the very first note. Beautifully balanced and written with passion.” – MONARCH MAGAZINE

“Similar to ACCEPT in that middle ground between hard rock and metal, the aggressive but expertly constructed melodic riffs take these ten songs to a highly memorable level.” – ANTICHRIST MAGAZINE